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My name is Jason and I am the creative director and owner of Graphic Design Cult. My journey to this place has been one of typical ups-and-downs but also one of great learning and incredible friends.

I was born and raised in a suburb of Seattle, WA. Not really a sleepy little town but more of the outskirts and urban sprawl kind of feel. Attended public school, graduated high school like the rest of the civilized world and made my way straight to art school at the Art Institute of Seattle. From a young age, I had always known I wanted to be an artist. It was either that or astronaut and I quickly realized the latter was out of the question. While in college I definitely came into my own style and sculpted my skills. Some people go to art school because they aren’t quite sure about what they want to do. I went because this was the only thing to do. It was not until the end of my formal training in art school that I was able to form my own clear opinions about design as a whole… And where I fit in.

Several contract and freelance projects later, I found myself nestled in tightly at a print and packaging company just south of Seattle. I was exposed to something new almost everyday and even after four years of hard work I was still learning. There, I was able to be creative on a daily basis and work on intense projects regularly. It was easily one of the best companies of which I’ve been an employee.

I now find myself in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. Bridge City, Rose City, Stumptown. There’s so much to do here with the thriving art community and bustling foodie population! I spend most of my time creating books, packaging, developing logos & branding, and diving deep into the world of print production. While Portland has become my home, it’s still just as exciting and wondrous as the Emerald City!

In my free time, I dabble in website design and silkscreen printing. The web is a fickle mistress and one must know how to treat her. I am learning the ways of code on a daily basis and so far it’s been an amazing journey. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to make that graphic-tee you’re wearing, look into how a screenprinting shop is run. It’s more complicated than I ever thought it would be. I also enjoy electronic music, collecting interesting packaging, spending time with my (soon-to-be) wife and two cats, and science fiction.


As classically trained ‘graphic designers’, we have been taught the philosophies of the artists and designers who came before us in an attempt to learn the difference between good and great, bad and inappropriate. Graphic design, as a commercial art, is about solving problems in a beautiful creative way.

We will leave the abstract, non-descript, fancy-pants art for the fine artists and painters. (Between me and you, I don’t really understand all that ‘high-art’ anyways.) Being commercial artists, it’s our duty to create ‘art’ that conveys information. That information might be nutritional facts and ingredients on a food packaging, the awesome name of a new toy, or the title of an event held at the local nightclub.

Consumer Reports magazine states the average American is exposed to as many as 247 commercial messages each day. That leaves only seconds to get noticed. In a world of visual communication it’s our objective to solve the problems put forth by our clients, not only make a pretty product. A highly effective design is a beautiful design.

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